About Kelly

I am a full-time crafter who spends most of her time creating, editing, and producing craft videos and a part-time Police/Fire/EMS dispatcher. I chose to leave the field after 17 years full-time to have more time to be with my family.

Speaking of, I am married to a wonderful man named Eric, and we have a crazy 10-year-old son, who is a never-ending bundle of energy and a sweet sassy little 2-year-old daughter who refuses to sit still but makes up for it with adorable toddler antics. They have two furry sisters, Molly and Emma. Between the four of them, my house is never clean! ha!

My style of card-making is pretty Clean and Simple. I sometimes venture into the Clean and Layered, but even then, my design is not very busy. I do love a good one-layer card, especially if it’s a scene! I’m a big fan of encouraging and supporting each other as crafters because, honestly, kindness is free, and it never hurts anybody 🙂

Portrait of Kelly wearing an "Ok, but first coffee" t-shirt